• Introducing sTONks, the pioneering and lightning-fast Telegram sniper for the TON chain, setting new standards in speed and efficiency! ⚡

    Introducing $sTONks

    The crypto coin revolutionizing trading on the TON chain with the first-ever dedicated Telegram sniper and trading bot! Built for the decentralized and open internet of TON, created by the community with Telegram's cutting-edge technology, sTONks is here to empower crypto enthusiasts. This innovative trading bot takes the excitement of the stock market to new heights, providing users with a powerful tool to navigate the TON chain and capitalize on market opportunities seamlessly. Join the sTONks community and experience a new era of crypto trading on Telegram, where efficiency, precision, and profitability converge in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.

    Ultra Efficient Bot

    Advanced and safe Trading bot and Ultrafast Sniper bot for new launches. With up to 10 Multiwallet the Stonks Premium.

    Built-in CA Scanner

    sTONks introduces a built-in contract address scanner, ensuring every move is guided by thorough analysis and data accuracy.


    The Referral Program: recommend our bot and earn from its profits. 20% from our tx fees is for you! The Staking Program: Premium access and revshare for token holder on particular blockchain.

    Upcoming Plans

    PHASE 1

    - Buy & Sell ✅

    - Stonfi integration ✅

    - Dedust integration✅

    - Basic CA analysis ✅

    - PNL monitor ✅

    - Wallet Management ✅

    - Build-in TON full node

    - The Referal program ✅

    - Multi-trade monitor

    PHASE 2

    - Multi Wallet (Premium)

    - Auto-Buy Mode At LP (Snipe)

    - Telegram Apps GUI (optional to message mode)

    - Cross-chain bridge

    - Build-in Telegram wallet integration

    - Integration with hunting tool (unannounced partnership)

    - Telegram App charts

    - Limit orders

    - Copytrading (Premium)

    PHASE 3

    - Stonks Bot on 2nd Blockchain (unannounced)

    - Conversational mode: talk to bot with natural language AI powered

    - Trading auto scripts

    - web-app

    - MEV integration

    - Anti-scam


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